Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty sick of this weather .........

My backyard shows an example of how the entire neighborhood looks. Shredded limbs and trees everywhere.
We're still picking up ~ and this is the second storm like this in one week. I'd really like to get out of this area. I'm sick of it. You can only take so much of this crap.

One complete mess ..... Oh yeah ~ they're calling for the same storms today! Lovely.

Someone had to hit their brakes hard to avoid hitting the trees that came down. We were only stopped a few moments here.
I saw this picture on the news this AM. I hear these trees that came down were over 200 years old.
My neighbor ....
Another neighbor ......
The storm hit at 4:30PM yesterday (Monday). We had no power for six hours and the temps were high 90* ....
Then the power came on and off
throughout the night until 9AM today.
I'll take the hurricanes anytime, because at the very least you have plenty of time to know they are coming.
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