Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bart Gordon is afraid to meet the people in his district *

I received this today via email. I searched many areas yesterday trying to see where Bart Gordon's town hall meeting was going to take place and when. There was one post on his site that said he had not decided on the dates yet. Two hours later it stated he was not going to do one. So Bart, are you going to tell me (terrorist Great Grandma me) that you are so afraid of any questions from those you have sworn to represent that doing a telephone meeting is as good as it gets? You .... Along with the rest of the turds in DC are on your way out buddy Bart! The American people have had it up to here ~ she says pointing to the top of her heady head head.
Below - the text of Bart Gordon's email .............
Gordon Invites Constituents to Telephone Town Halls
August 7, 2009, MURFREESBORO – U.S. Representative Bart Gordon has scheduled two additional telephone town hall events on August 21 for residents of Tennessee’s Sixth Congressional District. The telephone-based public forums will allow residents to communicate directly with Representative Gordon, enabling them to share their concerns and ask questions about health care, veterans’ issues, the economy and other important issues facing Tennessee and the country.
“I have scheduled these events because I want to hear from as many of my constituents as possible, which will allow me to better represent Middle Tennessee,” said Gordon.
On Friday, August 21, Gordon will hold two separate telephone town hall events – one at 11:00 a.m. central time (CDT) and another at 5:30 p.m. CDT. Telephone town halls do not require participants to travel – they only require a telephone.
“There are a number of challenges facing our country right now, and there are no quick fixes,” explained Gordon. “I hope as many folks as possible will sign up for one of the telephone public forums.”
Residents of the Sixth District interested in participating in the telephone town hall events on August 21 can sign up by visiting or by calling Congressman Gordon’s Murfreesboro office at 615-896-1986.
Registered participants will receive a phone call on August 21 shortly before the start of the telephone town hall for which they signed up. Participation is toll free and easy – upon receiving the invitation phone call on August 21, registered participants will hear simple instructions about how to listen, ask questions, and leave messages.
“These call-ins are just part of my efforts to understand the concerns of the more than 700,000 constituents across the 15 counties I represent in the Sixth District,” added Gordon.
Tennessee’s Sixth Congressional District includes the following counties: Bedford, Cannon, Clay, DeKalb, Jackson, Macon, Marshall, Overton, Putnam, Robertson, Rutherford, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale, and part of Wilson.


  1. Little chicken Black Bart knows how to avoid facing his constituents. Typical Democrat politician.

  2. Bart Gordon is not a blue dog, he is a sheep dog. He votes 92.5% for the dem.leadership on bills he has never read. Bart Gordon must be replaced with a person that will fight for the rights of Tennesseans and the Country.