Thursday, January 15, 2009

Concert review & more

Celine's concert was great! She sure gave a wonderful performance and I liked it better than the Vegas concert. I was happier with the song choices. Made my heart sparkle watching my daughter, her enthusiasm was so fun. Guess our children never stop being special in our hearts.
The place was packed. I'd wondered about that, with the economy being what it is. The seating was the worst I've ever in my life seen! Sardine time. I'm not a big person but I was shoulder to shoulder 'tucked in'. My knees were unable to move as they were bucked right on up to the back of the seat in front of me. Holding onto the winter coat, fanny pack, scarf & gloves made a warm venue all the more warm. Then there were all the people who couldn't seem to sit down & stay down. What's up with that?
All day my hubby said we were leaving at 6:20. Ok. I said a couple times "don't you think we should leave earlier - Just in case"? Na. Got in the car, backed out to the street, put her in gear and caplunk caplunk caplunk. Not only was the rear tire flat, it was flatter than a flitter. Called daughter - which was stupid, because now she starts crying! We do have a full sized tire though but never having to be that familiar with it left us feeling not only nervous but stupid to boot. Read the manual quickly and finally found the tire iron. Picking up a 17" all terrain tire is a hefty chore when you get our age. And being dressed really nice was the pits. We decided to forgo stains for speed. Hubby cuts hand, which is not good when you have a bleeding disorder - so here I am walking all over the garage with a wet towel, cleaning. A friend offers to come right over and lend us her car. Just like a man - hubby wants to continue on. I'm proud to report we made it and not late either. A bit tousled and dusty but not late. Its amazing what you can do when you have to!

"Laughter is carbonated love" ............

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  1. Whew BJ.... That was scary!!! Glad you made it --and glad you enjoyed the concert. I've always heard that Celine has a great show. She has so much energy...

    SO--sounds like it was all worth it..That is GOOD.