Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here I go!

I'm getting so sick of everything being 'Made in China'. They (whoever they are) say "if you don't like it - buy American". WHERE and what? I was shocked over the holidays and buying gifts. Now my Pj's are made in China! So I decided to get a really nice coat for hubby and headed on over to Land's End. You guessed it - "Made it China". Ordered from LL Bean and the shoes were "Made in China" too. This country has gone to hell in a handbag! I'm sick of it and wonder if you are too?

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  1. Most of the companies are getting things made in China now since it doesn't cost nearly as much.. America needs to do something to get in line with labor costs--so that this doesn't happen. BUT--you can't blame the stores for doing it since they are in it for profit. I do understand how you feel though. There's alot of things we need to change in America. That's only one of them!!!!