Sunday, February 1, 2009

FEMA Camps & emails .... WTF?

Both of us have been receiving emails and calls about "FEMA" camps all set up and ready to accept as many of this population as necessary. We have followed links for a few days now and to tell the truth, it seems frightening. IF you care to - Google "FEMA camps". There are even Google maps about the camps and their localities. Some sites are the usual scare mongers but other info is flat out scary! Now we see a New House Bill that will change the way ammunition is sold. So - they won't take our guns away ..... They'll just take away the ammo. Everyone talking about government taking control of farms, food manufacturing plants, food stores. Is it necessary to stockpile food? Buying dried RTE meals? Thousands upon thousands of casket liner things, each of which will hold from 2-4 bodies, stacked up near these camps. I saw a video of one stack and it's real. Youtube concentration camps? (YOW) Why are there 188 FEMA Razor Wire Camps? Is World Economy about to Fail? Is total chaos immenent Emergency Centers Act or HR 645
This is a quote from another site ............
"I'm sorry but your intell is wrong, I made a video about the FEMA camps on November 13, 2007 and there was over 600 FEMA camps at that time with more being built every day. I had researched the camps for about 3 months prior to making my video and haven't rested since. Our government has plans for those camps and they include us! The Americans who exert their Freedom of Speech and who would be a problem to the government and the NWO. By all best est. there are between 900 & 1000 camps now". JP

I'm going to continue this later .....................................

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