Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nadya Suleman

What is wrong with Nadya? She is one sick cookie and deserves to have all these kids taken from her and placed into a normal home, with a mother & father. Her poor mother is begging for help, as she has tried to help raise the 6 children Nadya already has. This has resulted in her mother having to file for bankruptcy.
Nadya has learned the system in this country. She filed disability and sued her employer, receiving $168,000 ... and forgot to give her mother one cent towards the raising of those kids. Then she went on to use that money to undergo 'IVF' FIVE times. One of these times resulted in twins. Oh - and her disability claim was for - what else - a back injury! She also managed to have plastic surgery, wanting to look like Angelina Jolie. THREE of her first six kids have disabilities! Now she has had a litter of EIGHT! I think the doctor is as much to blame or maybe more so. West Coast Infertility Clinic is run by the doctor, who has a not so shining reputation, even before this fiasco. Here is his email address if you'd like to email him about his practice,
Can you imagine the cost of raising 14 kids? Three are already disabled and who knows the disabilities that await the newborn preemies? Most medical professionals say anywhere from 1-4 million in medical care alone. And who do you think is paying for all of this mess? You and me and the folks in California, who are already bankrupt.
There is now a website up & running where you can go to donate money to her. She has some nerve. There is also an investigation into the home life with Nadya and the clinic who did this. When they were born, all the doctors showed up for the briefing. They acted all smug and proud of themselves. Even admitting to expecting 7 babies and being shocked to have an 8th. You would think that one of these people would think "hey wait a minute, this is going to shock everyone and make many people angry". DIDN'T happen. It only took 24 hours for the sh*t to hit the fan.

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