Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Injured woodpecker is still here ......

Just to keep up with the woodpecker saga, he is still here and seems a bit better. He is something to watch and I do watch way too much. That's what happens if you're retired! Yesterday (Monday) he showed me how he is getting around from tree to tree. He climbs way to the top of one, then throws himself out and into the air - drifting/gliding over to another. So far he seems to stay in the fenced part of the yard. He has been eating in the trees and looks OK. Its been really windy for three days now. He continues to get blown about, but doesn't seem any worse for wear. Today I also saw signs of improvement, when another woodpecker came from around the tree to eat suet. "Woody" got real upset and very aggressive, taking off up the tree after the smaller bird. I have prayed that God will keep him safe until he recovers. Never hurts to say a little prayer. HE has done a good job with my request.


  1. I'm so glad you still have your friend "Woody" to keep you occupied, glad he's doing better.

    As for the weather stuff, I think it's healthy to be mindful of the weather and be educated about it and prepared to seek shelter in the event of severe weather; however, I don't believe the weariness comes from God... Matthew 11:28.

    I, on the other hand, though having a sincere respect and regard for weather, for the destructive power it holds, I am also intrigued by it, passionate about it. It is awesome and awe-inspiring. Many of my deepest interactions with the Holy Spirit have come by way of the sky. Awesome sunsets, amazingly powerful and striking shelf clouds, the most memorable sunrise of my life under a sea of mammatus clouds, which literally brought me to my knees in praise for our amazing, generous and loving Father. Stick around... my passion for nature's beauty can't help but wear on you some... :D

  2. Hi BJ, Sorry to read about your injured woodpecker. That is a Red-headed Woodpecker and they are so pretty. Hope he lives --and gradually gets well... Keep us posted!!!!