Sunday, April 19, 2009

Injured Woodpecker .

Yesterday (top & bottom)

Today in the rain (bottom) ...
Yesterday (Sat.) I took pics of this magnificent Woodpecker. Only until today did I realise he is injured. I saw him again today and thought 'how strange' he was taking cover under the suet hanger during a hard rain. Later this afternoon I saw him on the ground with another male dive bombing him. He was picking up large nuts and trying to crack them on the ground. He had no luck, as he was unstable on his feet. I watched him for a long time, last seeing him with a large nut in his beak - climbing to the very top of a tree. He just sat in the highest branch and kind of clung to the nut with his beak against his breast. Then I got the pictures on the puter and realised he had a feather out of whack on the back of his left wing. When he was taking cover in the rain, I said to hubby how 'strange it was how his feathers were flapping in the wind'. He just was hanging on for dear life. I haven't seen him now in over an hour and believe me - I've looked. I feel so bad for him. I have a neighbor who has four cats and they are always in my yard! Wish everyone would keep their cats in the house. I have always had cats and never let them loose.
At the very least (I keep telling myself), he can climb. I wish I could get him but I know this is impossible. Poor bird ... maybe he'll hang around until tomorrow and he can eat suet and seeds and have water. Tomorrow I'll go to 'Birds Unlimited" and get other food stuff just for him. God - I feel bad for this little guy.


  1. The wood pecker is such a beautiful bird. I hate to see things hurt too.

  2. Such a shame. I hope he is at peace; whatever his circumstance.

  3. When I was a young fella, I found an injured Northern Flicker. I was lucky and was able to bring him to safety for a while, while he healed. He had an injured wing.

    It sucks seeing an injured critter in the wild. I know how helpless you feel. Beautiful bird!