Friday, April 10, 2009

SWF #4 ... Tornadoes all around today ........

Here in middle Tn. today, we have had terrible tornadoes. The first picture is the sky from my home, until the local weather showed us two tornadoes heading toward us and fast. The second picture is the bathroom where we had set up for the possibility of needing to take cover and sure enough ~ we did end up in there. Me, my hubby and the dog. We covered ourselves with the bedspread and pillows and waited. Praying we wouldn't hear the telltale sounds of a train. We didn't, but as you can see there are many souls who weren't so lucky today. A couple of the pictures I took from the TV. There is total distruction in some areas and a new mother and her 7wk. old baby girl were killed. They are still in recovery stage, and I hope no one else was killed. By the pictures on our TV ~ We all need to pray.


  1. Very sad to hear about the mother and her child, but it's also great that you and your family avoided disaster.

  2. Oh so scary, my cousin's house was demolished last year in Texas but thank goodness she and her husband survived. Glad you did too.

  3. We had our closet all set up and ready also, BJ... After the tornado hit Murfreesboro, it headed to us!!!! The sirens went off up here, and they had damage in Cumberland County--west of us (Pleasant Hill area). BUT--we got lucky.. Thanks Be to God. We only had heavy rains and thunder/lightning.

    Mother Nature has been quite mean lately... I'm sick about the young mother and baby who were killed.

    Glad you all are okay..
    Have a great Easter.

  4. Lets hope that they find no more.
    Sad so sad.

  5. Mother Nature can indeed be frightening. Glad you are safe. Thank you for sharing your photos of the tornados.

  6. I'm so glad you set up a pallete on the floor in the bathroom and take the warnings seriously. God bless you.